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  • How do you listen to the scanners?
    We have several scanners and employ some of the latest technology, software and information systems available. These systems are housed at a secure location in Omaha & Sarpy County. The audio from the scanners is recorded and also streamed through a private VPN, such that we can listen to any of our scanners live from anywhere with an internet connection. At this time we don't have plans to host public audio streaming for others to listen to our feeds. Sorry!
  • What kind of scanners do you use?
    We have several different scanners that we use. For streaming audio, we currently use Uniden BCD536HP and Uniden SDS200 models. In addition to these, we have several handheld scanners that we can take with us if we're out of the house or if we want to easily be able to change what channels we're listening to during an event. These include the Uniden BCD436HP and the Whistler WS1040. We also have several RTL-SDR devices for a variety of purposes.
  • Are you the cops? Who do I call to report something?
    We are not the police. None of us are members working in law enforcement. You cannot report crimes to us. If you need to report a crime, please call 911 for emergencies. The following are non-emergency numbers you can call for Omaha: Telephone Report Squad: 402-444-4877 (when the crime has already occured) Drug Activity: 402-444-5681 Non-Emergency: 402-444-5600 Crime Stoppers: 402-444-7867 Mayor's Hotline: 402-444-5555 (potholes, abandoned cars, speeding complaints, etc) Traffic Calming Program: 402-444-5160 Animal Control: 402-444-7800 x 1 (Nebraska Humane Society) The following are non-emergency numbers you can call for Sarpy County: Non-Emergency: 402-593-4111 Animal Control: 402-444-7800 x 1 (Nebraksa Humane Society) Jail (for warrant questions, etc): 402-593-2298 Bellevue PD has a safe room located at: 1510 Wall St. Bellevue, NE Papillion PD has a safe sellers area located at: 1000 East 1st St. Papillion, NE Please note that while social media sites are a powerful tool, you must report a crime directly to the police for them to investigate your report. The only time Omaha/Sarpy Scanner will report something to law enforcment is when a direct threat is made against us or another person. Or if we feel someones life is in immediate danger.
  • How do I advertise with Omaha + Sarpy Scanner?
    Please see our advertising tab at the top of the page. Thank you!
  • What do 3 or 4 lights on the tower mean?
    Each night, a cop is asked to check the lights on the police radio towers to ensure that aircraft lights are working. They report this information back to dispatch. There are several towers and sometimes it may be reported as three lights or four lights.
  • Can I request certain audio from you?
    Short answer: no. Long answer: We do not provide the general public with audio clips that we have internally within NOSS Media, LLC. It takes time to find the clip you are requesting and the audio we have is kept internally and not meant to be shared externally unless we post the clip on our social media sites. We do make all attempts to provide final call audio for law enforcement and firefighters.
  • I have a missing person/pet/car. How can Omaha/Sarpy Scanner help?
    At this time, we are not accepting missing or stolen submissions. When we are able to bring this feature back, we will update.
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