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Rely On Our Experience

Our experience and expertise is extremely broad and our team is amongst the best. We have engineers, medical professionals, journalists, professional photographers,  production specialists and operations professionals. We're fun. We're passionate. We crawl the streets. Our team is dedicated to live tweeting and posting what we hear or receive from our loyal followers. Check out our observations for photos, our sound off section called "Shots Fired" and all the other useful information we have gathered for you.

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Omaha + Sarpy Scanner

Through fun & interactive design, sleepless nights, live video, bold photography, and

captivating writing, we strive to provide our followers with the latest news and entertainment. 100% free access to what is happening within Omaha and surrounding communities. Our motto is "Raw News Real Time." From blazing fires to intense real time police pursuits. We cover it all. We passionately chronicle and celebrate these complicated, wonderful and vibrant cities in Nebraska that we all love.

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See The Best Action

We often get asked how do we provide such quick updates and the best live action faster than a traditional media or news outlet? Well, the answer is simple. What makes us unique is our ability to relay information from multiple mobile command units. We employ some of the latest technology, software and information systems available. Combine that with the knowledge, expertise and dedication of our team and the end result is Raw News Real Time! So what are you waiting for? Come join the chase!

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Our Local Partnerships

We proudly support and partner with local businesses. Our audience is 115,000+ & growing rapidly! To learn more about becoming an advertising partner, click below.


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