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Through trials and tribulations dating back to 2015, our team at NOSS Media has worked hard to provide our followers top notch content at lightning speeds. Omaha Scanner became our first launch. You could say this started it all. Tweeting the scanners started as a hobby and has evolved into so much more. We cover breaking news, blazing fires, intense police pursuits and so much more. Giving our viewers Raw News. Real Time. We are thrilled to give our loyal followers 100% free access to what is happening in Omaha. Come join us on this journey as we passionately chronicle and celebrate this complicated, wonderful & vibrant City.

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Click below to learn about the Omaha Fire Department (OFD), it's 24 Stations, 7 battalion chiefs, equipment and transport codes!



Click below to learn about the Omaha Police Department (OPD), the many precincts, codes, call signs and different unit types!




Click below to see elapsed time since last shooting, the current number of homicides year-to-date and the total number of shootings year-to-date.

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