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Omaha Police Department

The Omaha Police Department (OPD) divides itself into 5 precincts.

Northwest Precinct


10245 Wiesman Drive

Front Desk: 402-444-3765

Open: Call to verify hours. Closed Holidays

20 Patrol Districts

  • Districts 11-19 under the command of Command 10 (Sergeant) and Command 1 (Lieutenant

  • Districts 21-29 under the command of Command 20 (Sergeant) and Command 1 (Lieutenant)

10 Codes

Omaha Police Department uses 10 codes to describe an officers current status.

Officers can be:

  • 10-7: Out of Service (not available for calls)

  • 10-8: In Service (available for calls) 

  • Signal 8-0 (Eight-Zero): Taking Lunch or a break

Signal 88

"Signal 88" or just "88" means an Officer has declared the situation safe and secure. Dispatchers will check on officers routinely to ensure they are "88" when on call. Officers respond "88" to indicate they are in control and safe. 

Disposition Codes

Given after an officer tells dispatch they are 10-8. 

  • Code 1: Made a Report

  • Code 2: Made an Arrest

  • Code 3: Issued a Citation

  • Code 4: Gone Upon Arrival

  • Code 5: Unable to Locate

  • Code 6: Civil Matter

  • Code 7: Assignment Complete

  • Code 8: Turned over 

  • Code 9: Cancelled 

Clearing the Air

When the "air is cleared for emergency traffic only" that means Officers have deemed the situation high risk and need uninterrupted communication between dispatch and officers on that particular call. All other traffic ceases and a consistent beeping tone ensues. To end the air cleared, officers tell dispatch the scene is 88 and the dispatcher will resume normal air.

Signal Codes:

  • Signal 1: No Record Found

  • Signal 1A: Traffic Only Record

  • Signal 1B: Misdemeanor Only Record

  • Signal 1C: Traffic and Misdemeanor Record

  • Signal 2: Has Felony Criminal Record; Not Wanted

  • Signal 2C: Convicted Felon; Not Wanted

  • Signal 3: Misdemeanor Warrant on Filee (Traffic or Criminal)

  • Signal 4: License Suspended

  • Signal 5: Stolen

  • Signal 6: Wanted For Felony and/or Felony Warrant on File

  • Signal 7: Failed to Appear

  • Signal 8: Prepare F.I. Card (Field Investigation)

  • Signal 9: Bomb Threat Assingment

  • Signal 10: Gun Registration Permit

  • Signal 46: Lifetime Suspension of Driving privileges

  • Signal 66: Suspected Gang Member

  • Signal 88: Situation Secure

  • Signal 10-10: In the area in service or out of car on portable radio

  • Signal X: Consider Extremely Dangerous

Help an Officer

This is a mayday or distress call when an officer (off duty or on duty) needs immediate emergency help. A city wide warble tone will go off followed by "Help An Officer-'Location'". Every on duty officer stops what they are doing and responds to the address given with lights and sirens.

OPD Radio Call Signs

Unit Types

1 Adam 25

1 = Shift

1 = A Shift  

2 = B Shift

3 = C Shift
5= Other 

Adam = Unit Type (See Unit Types) 

25 = District 

  • Able-1: Airborne Law Enforcement

  • Adam: One Officer District Car

  • Alpha: Auto Theft Detective

  • Baker: Two Officer District Car

  • Beat: One or Two Officers Beat Patrol Car 

    • Patrol High Crime Areas​

  • Bravo: Burglary Detective

  • Charles: Crime Lab

  • Delta: Gang Unit

  • Edward: Emergency Response Team

    • SWAT​

    • Bomb Squad

    • Negotiators

  • Frank: Crisis Response Co-Responders.  All are non-sworn trained mental health therapists.

  • George: OPD Detective

  • Henry: Homicide Detective

  • Ida: Intelligence/Vice Detective

  • John: Headquarters Front Desk

  • King: Pupper Patrol

  • Mounted: Horse Patrol

  • Nora: Narcotics Detective

  • Ocean: School Resource Officer (SRO)

  • Paul: Proactive Street Patrol

    • Generally does not respond to radio calls

  • Precinct: Precinct Captain

  • Robert: Robbery Detective 

  • Solo: Motorcycle Patrol Officer

  • Tom: Traffic Enforcement and Investigators 

  • Union: Internal Affairs

  • Zebra: Off-Duty Officer

    • Zebra1000 = 1000 would be their unique badge number

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