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Sarpy County Fire Agencies

Be​llevue Fire Department

Currently comprised of approximately 164 members with four fire stations and one Training Site strategically located throughout the 41.3 square miles of first-due response area.

District 1: 211 W. 22nd Ave.

  • Fire Car 1-Chief

  • Battalion 1-On Shift Battalion Chief

  • Supervisor 2-Paramedic Shift Supervisor 

  • Engine 1

  • Medic 1

District 2: 2110 Fairview Dr.

  • Truck 21

  • Medic 21

District 3: 9400 S. 36th St.

  • Engine 31

  • Medic 31

District 4: 13501 S. 25th St.

  • Engine 41

  • Medic 41

Training Site: 3100 SP Benson Dr.

402-293-3153 Monday through Friday 8:00am until 4:30pm

Sarpy County Transport Codes

Code 1

"Fair Condition" 

Minimal injury/disease

patient transported for exam 

Code 3 STEMI

"Critical Condition"

Patient has been identified as having ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI alert).  STEMI patients will be transported with lights and sirens to a hospital with cardiac catheterization lab capabilities.  

Code 99 TCC

Cardiopulmonary arrest with resuscitation in progress from traumatic injuries.

*Lights and Sirens*

Code 2 TCC

TCC = "Trauma Center Candidate"

Patient has obvious trauma but isn't life threatening; enough signs, symptoms or mechanism of injury (MOI) to warrant a trauma center 

Code 3 TCC

TCC = "Trauma Center Candidate"

Patient has actual or potential life threatening injuries

*Lights and Sirens*

Code 4

Patient is deceased

Code 2

"Serious Condition"

Obvious injury but not a serious injury; needs medical attention

Code 3 Stroke

"Critical Condition"

Patient has been identified as having a stroke (stroke alert).  All stroke patients will be transported with lights and sirens to a hospital with stroke care capabilities. 

Code 5

Used for "Sudden Infant Death" but to transport the patient for the family. Has been used when language barriers exist.


*Lights and Sirens*

Code 3

"Critical Condition"

Serious and/or life threatening injury/illness; needs immediate medical attention.

*Lights and Sirens*

Code 99

Cardiopulmonary arrest with resuscitation in progress.  

*Lights and Sirens*

Sarpy Unit Abbreviations

FC: Fire Car (Papillion Battalion Chief/Chief) ex. FC3

B: Bellevue Battalion Chief ex. B1

S: Paramedic Supervisor ex. S2

Med: Gretna/Springfield Volunteer Paramedic ex. Med 12

M: Papillion/Bellevue Medic Unit ex. M31

Sq: Gretna/Springfield Squad ex. Sq21

T: Truck (ladder truck) ex. T3

R: Rescue Truck ex. R1

U: Utility Truck (Gretna brush truck) ex. U21

W: Weed Truck (Springfield Brush Truck) ex. W1

Br: Brush Truck (Papillion/Bellevue Brush Truck) ex. Br1 

Tanker: Water Tanker ex. Tanker1

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