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Lincoln Police Department

LPD is divided into four geographic areas, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast, also known as "Community Police Teams". 

Each team has its own supervisors and Captain, and all teams are supervised by the Duty Commander.


"Emergency Traffic"

Signified by a repeating "marker" tone, all radio traffic on a specific channel is held except for traffic relating to a high-risk or potentially high-risk incident.

"Expanded Dispatch"

Daily, dispatch staffing allowing, LSO deputies and some LPD officers are moved to a third radio dispatch channel in order to spread out the workload of dispatchers.

There is no known schedule for when expanded dispatch is opened or closed.

Radio Codes

Code 1 – Routine Response
Code 3 – Emergency Response
Code 5 – Pedestrian/Bicyclist Stop
Code 6 – Vehicle Stop
Code 8 – Disabled Vehicle
Code 9 – Off Duty
Code 11 – Available
Code 13 – Phone Call
Code 15 – Information
Code 17 – Transport
Code 19 – Intoxicated
Code 20 – Arriving at Call
Code 35 – Deceased
Code 38 – Mental Health Issues
Code 46 – DUI
Code 61 – Officer in Distress
Code 62 – Wanted
Code 63 – Not Wanted
Code 65 – Follow Up
Code 74 –  Illegal Substance

Radio Identifiers

LPD officers use their badge numbers to identify over the radio.

Lincoln Police badge numbers are anywhere from three to four digits, and can be prefaced by a unique, confidential, patrol beat identifier: 



"6-Lincoln 1234"

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