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July 4th Weekend Recap

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

With the great weather reported by our meteorologist Jim Phillips at our account Omaha + Sarpy Weather, the July 4th weekend proved to be a busy one. Here are some of the highlights over the weekend powered by our friends at H&H.

Over in Johnson County, Kansas our JoCo team had an ATV rollover that left one person with critical injuries:

The Lenexa Police Department also agreed with the high number of illegal fireworks complaints:

Over in Council Bluffs, Iowa, our Council Bluffs Scanner team had an elderly couple trapped on a boat that ran out of gas. Crews were able to get them off the boat:

Council Bluffs M5 transported one patient to Nebraska Medicine with critical hand injuries due to fireworks:

And one male thought it would be a great idea to run from police on a scooter, unknown if he was eventually apprehended:

Back to Nebraska, our Sarpy County team covered several burn injuries due to fireworks:

There was also a house fire call where the garage was fully involved:

On July 2nd, a multi vehicle accident occurred at 168th and Cornhusker with one person transported to a local hospital:

And finally, the Omaha Scanner team kept extremely busy with the Omaha Fire Department responding to over 35 trash, brush or car fires over approximately 5 hours on July 4th:

On July 3rd, Omaha Police and Omaha Fire were dispatched to 65th and Fowler for a 16 y/o who was shot in the face with a shotgun. He was transported to a local trauma center and has injuries not life threatening but caused by shrapnel:

A cutting was also investigated near 17th and Farnam on July 3rd after a male stated a female in the car with him cut him. He was transported to a local trauma center with non-life threatening injuries:

Around 10PM, Omaha Fire and Omaha Police responded to a minor chid who was hit by a car and the car fled the scene. The minor was transported to the local trauma center with a leg injury:

Omaha Police investigated a mass shooting around 3AM on July 4th that left 4 people shot and 1 person deceased:

Just after midnight on July 4th, a male who was upset at the slow police response for a disturbance over a property damage accident, made a false call to police that he had been shot. The male was subsequently charged with false reporting amongst other charges and taken to Douglas County Corrections Center after officers on scene found he wasn't shot and said he did it to get officers there faster:

In the early morning of July 5th, Omaha Police and Omaha Fire responded to a shooting and cutting scene near 59th and Pinkney Street. A prior assault in progress call ended up with one victim being shot and one victim being shot and cut. Both were transported to the local trauma center. Two other victims were cut in the fight and treated on scene:

Also in the morning of July 5th, Omaha Police and Omaha Fire responded to a shooting call near 49th and Browne Street. No victim was located at the scene but later walked into Immanuel Hospital. The victim has non-life threatening injuries:

Finally, on the morning of July 5th, Omaha Police and Omaha Fire responded to a cutting at 29th and T Street. Four victims sustained cutting injuries at a fight. Two were transported by Omaha Fire medics, one walked in to Nebraska Medicine and one was given a ride by officers to the hospital. All four suffered non-life threatening injuries:

Between July 4th and July 5th, Omaha Fire was dispatched to an injured patient from a firework who signed off. A firework injury walked into station 33 and was missing multiple fingers. A private car took one person to Bergan with fireworks injury to the eyes. One female suffered massive head trauma from fireworks. Valley Rescue took one minor with minor fireworks injuries to Children's. Bennington transported one patient who had a blast injury to their hand. Plattsmouth Rescue transported a minor who had third degree burns from fireworks to Nebraska Medicine. An Omaha medic took one patient who had facial trauma from a firework and Lifenet brought one male from Blair who had a firework injury to the face.

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